NTI Securing Community Mobility

April 12, 2017

NTI Securing Community Mobility

NTI Securing Community Mobility

Phoenix Airport Marriott
1101 North 44th Street
Phoenix  AZ  85008

Date:  April 12, 2017 8 am to Noon - includes lunch


This course discusses potential threats to community transportation systems and provides employees with techniques for improving security and preventing crime and acts of violence against the system, passengers, and themselves. Emphasis is placed on employee preparation for the work day, workplace violence prevention, and increasing transportation security. Employees are trained to use common sense, and to observe and report perceived threats or dangerous events so that operations can run safely, smoothly, and efficiently.


All community transportation employees and supervisors who have direct contact with the public or the vehicles and facilities used by the public.

Length: 4 Hours

Registration fee includes lunch.$100