Pay your AzTA Annual Membership Dues

January 1, 2021

As an AzTA member you will be supporting activities to improve public transit.

Your membership will help:

  • Develop programs to heighten public awareness on the improvement of public transit.
  • Lobby the State for increased support for local public transportation projects, programs and services.
  • Provide educational public transportation conferences, workshops and seminars for policy makers,
  • Inform members with useful and relevant public transportation information through newsletters, bulletins,
  • Provide scholarship funding for local college students that are pursuing their education in a transit

As an AzTA member, you can be more involved by:

  • Attending conferences and events hosted by AzTA or its affiliates
  • Participating on AzTA Committees and Task Forces
  • Encouraging public transportation solutions in your own community through local grass roots advocacy
  • Identifying new members to support the Association’s mission