TRANSIT TUESDAY SERIES: Maintaining Employee Wellness During A Crisis

This is a PAST event.

September 8, 2020


Ten State Associations across the country are combining efforts and leveraging resources to bring additional training to their members.

Working during a pandemic has increased work duties and created an environment of uncertainty, adding stress to transit employees that can jeopardize employee’s health. This webinar will focus on Employee Wellness programs, activities and exercises that can help employees lower stress, engage in self-care and wellness during this unprecedented epidemic.

The panelists for this webinar are:

  • Sandra Smith-McDonald, AC Transit, Oakland, CA
  • Sandra Gonzalez, Pace Suburban Bus, Chicago, IL
  • Forrestine Coombs, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
  • Stacy Kesten, Ensight Partners

REGISTRATION: Click here to register for the webinar

These webinars are for members of the following Associations:

  • Arizona Transit Association
  • California Association for Coordinated Transportation
  • Colorado Association of Transit Agencies
  • Florida Public Transportation Association
  • Illinois Public Transportation Association
  • Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association
  • South West Transit Association
  • Tennessee Public Transportation Association
  • Virginia Transit Association
  • Washington State Transit Association