TRANSIT TUESDAY SERIES: Leading a Reinvention After Disruption

July 14, 2020


Ten State Associations across the country are combining efforts and leveraging resources to bring additional training to their members.

The third in this series of webinars, “Leading a Reinvention After Disruption,” is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14, Noon Arizona Time (3 PM Eastern Time). The recent pandemic disruption has challenged how we prioritize our goals and resulted in us working differently. This disruption caused a pivot in everyday work processes and procedures for businesses across the globe. As we embrace a “new normal”, it is a good time to take stock of what we learned and how this can make us better going forward.

This session will discuss how you can reinvent parts of your organization applying what we have learned through the pandemic disruption to improve business efficiencies and employee engagement.

The panelist for the webinar is: Mindy Price, Chief PACE Setter, Direct Effect Solutions, Inc.

Register here:

These webinars are for members of the following Associations:

  • Arizona Transit Association
  • California Association for Coordinated Transportation
  • Colorado Association of Transit Agencies
  • Florida Public Transportation Association
  • Illinois Public Transportation Association
  • Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association
  • South West Transit Association
  • Tennessee Public Transportation Association
  • Virginia Transit Association
  • Washington State Transit Association

  • “This webinar is not for press use and cannot be duplicated or published. The webinar is for transit agency staff and agencies that support them.”