Bus Stop Coordinator

General Description/Information

Brief Description:

The Bus Stop Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the transit/bus stop inventory. This is accomplished by conducting field observations, using ESRI Survey 123, taking pictures, reviewing development plans for placement of new stops and conflicts with existing stops, responding to customer service concerns regarding stops.



 Collaborates with internal and external staff, stakeholders, consultants, and jurisdictional partners to maintain equitable placement and accessibility of transit stops for Sun Tran, Sun Shuttle, and Sun Link.

 Maintain and review the bus/transit stop database to include Trapeze FX Software, ESRI Survey 123 Survey tool, pictures, review development plans for conflicts with bus stops, conduct field observations, inspections, and research; and coordinate with Customer Satisfaction to resolve and respond to bus stop complaints.

 Idea candidate will have excellent communication skills for business correspondence, presentations, documentation and reporting on projects. Review and comment on development and roadway projects, coordinate with Operations during project implementation, field work, outside meetings, and completions of projects.

 Create, maintain, and review the bus routes, head sign codes, bus enunciator lists, and all Operator routing maps, including route, deadhead, floor detours & others as needed for the Operator’s Information Guide Book. Review and update quarterly Trapeze FX and Vontas TransisMaster route traces.
 Other duties as assigned.




Requires a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Planning, Environmental Studies, Urban & Regional Development, Sustainable Built Environments, or related degree. Experience can take the place of education requirements.

Software familiarity or knowledge:

ESRI ArcPro & Survey 123
Trapeze FX
Vontas TransitMaster
MS Publisher