RFB 2022-100, Modular Unit, Temporary Operators Space

General Description/Information

Mountain Line and Nations Group, LLC, serving as the owner’s representative, invites your firm to submit a response to this Request for Bids (RFB) to provide Installation, Monthly Use and Removal services for a Temporary Operator’s Space consisting of a 12’ wide by 44’ long by 8’ interior height

Pre-Fabricated Modular Building on a site accessible and prepared by others. The Modular Unit is to include the following: An interior layout as per the attached Exhibit A, pre-fabricated steps at each exterior door location, an ADA compliant ramp at the east facing exterior door, connection to existing water, sewer and electric utilities at locations required for this proposed unit; central HVAC and duct heating; single phase power with breaker panel, ceiling lights, code required emergency lighting and signage, exterior wood or aluminum siding; gutter above door openings; vinyl covered or painted interior walls and ceilings; vinyl flooring with rubber base; two restrooms (one ADA accessible) with toilet fixtures; toilet room accessories, including but not limited to toilet paper holders, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers; cabinetry, plastic laminate counter tops , stainless steel sink for kitchenette; glass windows, exterior doors with vision lights, with no full glass in doors; lower perimeter skirting;; block and level; tie-downs; insurances and permits; and all required State permit & inspection fees. This will be a lease term of but 24 months with an option to renew month to month after the term end.

The purpose of this RFB is to identify and select a Modular Structure provider and installer to perform all work as listed above and per Exhibit A.

The Modular Structure may be selected based upon the submitted Request for Bids (RFB) only; however, it is proposed to shortlist up to three (3) candidates and conduct personal interviews with each selectee. The selected team will work with Nations Group, the design team, and Mountain Line in providing Modular Structure services for a Temporary Operators Space for Mountain Line’s Downtown Connection Center Project.

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