Weekly Legislative Reports

To track AzTA’s involvement in the most recent legislative session, view our reports below.

February 2, 2024

AzTA Advocacy Report

The tumultuous legislative session continued this week as the Arizona House of Representatives gained one member and lost two. Jevin Hodge (D-Tempe), a social impact consultant and former Congressional candidate, joined the legislature to fill the seat vacated when Representative Athena Salman (D-Tempe) resigned last year. Representative Amish Shah (D-Phoenix) resigned to focus on his race for Congress, and Representative Leezah Sun (D-Phoenix) resigned just before a House vote on her expulsion. There was bipartisan support for Sun’s departure after the House Ethics Committee determined she had engaged in disorderly conduct while in office.

January 26, 2024

AzTA Advocacy Report

Legislative economists provided more detail on the state’s budget deficit this week, explaining the factors that have led to a $1.7 billion shortfall over the next two years. Some revenues have dropped quickly – like corporate income taxes, which grew by a significant 250% in the last three years but are expected to fall 8.5% this year. Legislative advisors have watched the slow decline of others for months.

January 19, 2024

AzTA Advocacy Report

State agencies are at the center of attention at the legislature again this year, as Republican lawmakers emphasize their oversight role of executive departments that will expire in state statute without legislative action.

January 16, 2024

AzTA Advocacy Report

At the end of the first week of the 2024 legislative session, Arizona lawmakers have introduced more than 750 proposals they hope to enact in the next few months. The ideas range from big changes, like how to regulate short-term rentals and gas blends, to less impactful concepts like designating Pluto as the official state planet of Arizona.

May 12, 2023

AzTA Advocacy Report

A familiar scene unfolded at the Capitol this week: Republicans rolled out a budget package they negotiated behind closed doors with the Governor, fast-tracking it through committee hearings and passing it over objections from Democrats who felt left out of the discussions. But this year was different. Republicans no longer hold the Governor’s office, and it was months of private negotiations between Republican legislative leaders and Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs that crafted the proposal introduced on Monday. Legislative Democrats expected to have a bigger role to play in shaping the budget under the new Governor, and as the budget bills became public, they decried the process, their lack of input, and their priorities that weren’t included in the final budget – like a limit to enrollment in Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs).

May 5, 2023

AzTA Advocacy Report

Arizona legislators spent just a few hours in floor sessions this week before adjourning until Monday. The Senate gave broad bipartisan support to a bill that allows AHCCCS to spend its federal funding through June, ensuring continued operations of the agency after partisan budget disputes suspended funding authority last month. Governor Hobbs signed the bill on Thursday, calling on the legislature to also confirm her nominee to lead AHCCCS and pass a bill that continues the agency in state statute.