Transit Tuesday Webinar: The Importance of Transit in Communities of Color

This is a PAST event.

October 6, 2020

Ten State Associations across the country are combining efforts and leveraging resources to bring additional training to their members.

This exciting Session will move through a discussion of the importance of transit in communities of color across the United States, how racism has shaped public transit, the inequities that have historically been embedded in our transit systems and some examples from agencies that are doing it better. You won’t want to miss the personal and institutional reflections of this panel on a topic that we’re all considering as we lead our agencies into the future.


  • Dorval Carter – Chicago Transit Authority
  • Darnell Grigsby – APTA
  • Christof Spieler – Huitt-Zollars & lecturer at Rice University

REGISTRATION: Click here to register for the webinar

These webinars are for members of the following Associations:

  • Arizona Transit Association
  • California Association for Coordinated Transportation
  • Colorado Association of Transit Agencies
  • Florida Public Transportation Association
  • Illinois Public Transportation Association
  • Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association
  • South West Transit Association
  • Tennessee Public Transportation Association
  • Virginia Transit Association
  • Washington State Transit Association