WEBINAR:  Federal Snapshot: Decisions in D.C. and What Lies Ahead

This is a PAST event.

November 21, 2022

Presented by Association of State Transit Associations

Eleven state public transportation associations across the country are combining efforts and leveraging resources to bring additional training to their members. These webinars are for members of the following Associations listed to the right.

This webinar will focus on the 2022 federal legislative and executive actions that are bringing new policy and funding initiatives to transit agencies across the United States. Our panelists will help you understand what opportunities exist for transit agencies and how to make the most of The IIJA (Infrastructure and Investment and Jobs Act) and the IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) and other Administration and FTA plans. What could all this mean to your transit agency or your company?

In addition, we’ll offer some insights into the mid-term elections and changes to the congressional leadership and committees. Registered attendees are encouraged to submit questions/comments when registering.


  • Scott Bogren, CTAA
  • Katie Kachel, Partner, Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell
  • Ward McCarragher, APTA

Moderated By:

  • Rich Sampson, Executive Director, SWTA
  • Lisa Bacot, Executive Director, FPTA
  • Lisa Guthrie, Executive Director, VTA

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Webinars are for members of the following Associations:

Arizona Transit Association

California Association for Coordinated Transportation

Colorado Association of Transit Agencies

Florida Public Transportation Association

Illinois Public Transportation Association

Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association

South West Transit Association

Tennessee Public Transportation Association

Virginia Transit Association

Washington State Transit Association