A CLOSER LOOK: Human Trafficking & the Bus Industry

A webinar series equipping the bus industry to be on the lookout for human trafficking

The more that members of the bus industry understand how human trafficking happens and how marginalized populations are most affected, the better equipped they will be to recognize trafficking and perhaps even play a preventative role.

Join Busing on the Lookout this August for a summer webinar series that will take a closer look at the issue of human trafficking with the goal of helping transit and school transportation professionals be the best advocates they can when it comes to preventing, identifying, and interrupting trafficking. Dive in deeper on the nuances of the issue and how it intersects with vulnerabilities such as homelessness, immigration status, LGBTQ+ identity, and involvement with the child welfare system - particularly as it relates to what professional bus drivers (commercial and school) may be seeing in their everyday jobs.

Webinars will be each Wednesday in August at 2 pm ET. Join us for one, all, or somewhere in between!

August 4:

A Closer Look at LGBTQ+ Identity & Human Trafficking
with Chris Bates, Overcome Exploitation

August 11:

A Closer Look at Homelessness & Human Trafficking
with Sheri Combs, Covenant House New Orleans

August 18:

Closer Look at Immigration & Human Trafficking
with Bandak Lul, Arizona State Univ. School of Social Work

August 25:

A Closer Look at the Child Welfare System & Human Trafficking
with TBD